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Updated last: March 25, 2015

SARA Callsign Badge

SARA has adopted a callsign badge design for the association (see top right). The cost is $10 for the badge and $1.50 for shipping for a total of $11.50.

To order your badge:

  1. send me ( an email saying:
    1. that you would like one (two, three, …) badge(s)
    2. indicate the name and callsign as you would like to have them appear on your badge(s)
    3. Please also specify the type of attachment you would like for your badge. Badges are available with the standard pin back or the Bulldog combination pin/swivel clip (see right bottom). They will be shipped with the pin back if not otherwise specified.
  2. I will dummy up the graphic for your badge (like the one at top right) and send it to you for proofing.
  3. Once I have your consent for your badge, I’ll send it in.
  4. I'll collect the total due when the badges are delivered.

Thank you.

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