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Last updated: June 10 , 2011

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - May 11, 2011 (approved 6/8/11)

Call to order: 7:30 PM 
     All stood for a moment of silence in honor of our GIs and First Responders

Presiding: Jim Boswell 
    18 Present plus 3 proxies [13 necessary for a quorum] - see attached sign-in sheet

The March 9, 2011 minutes were approved as amended.

Report from Prescott Grey W1PCG for the Nominating Committee: 

Brad Smith KD5JNI for Secretary, Jim Lommen KC7QY for Treasurer, 
Jim Boswell KA5SIW Past President, 
Bear Albrecht W5VZB for Vice President, 
Ray Calkins N0RBT for President. 

The chair asked for further nominations from the floor. Receiving no further nominations the nominees submitted by the committee were approved by acclimation
[After these minutes are approved at the June 8 meeting a copy will be taken to the bank.] 

The April 13, 2011 minutes were approved as posted on the SARA website,


Treasury: by Jim Lommen KC7QY
SARA Account TARA Account checkbook balance
3/31/2011 balance: $ 6,556.50 $ 320.08 $ 6,876.58



Deposits:         1,381.45 1,381.45
4/30/2011 balance: $ 7,937.95 $ 320.08 $ 8,258.03

ARES: Vern Leavitt KD5UHB reported that the Socorro ARES / RACES net is held at 8:00 PM every Wednesday, except the 2nd, at 146.68 kHz and that 5 or 6 meet at the EOC at 7:30 PM on the 1st and 3rd Sunday for the New Mexico ARES / RACES net at 3939 kHz.

Charter School: Jon Spargo KC5NTW reported that one student passed the general exam on May 7. Two other students who failed their tests are continuing their studies and will take the tests in Albuquerque in the next few weeks. 
The administration at the school is supportive of this project. Shortly there will be talks with the middle and high schools to possibly allow their students to participate also. 
On May 10 the new charter school building was opened. It will house administration offices, leaving room in the old building for our radio equipment. We will need help in the fall for erecting the antenna. 

LEPC: Doug May KF5AVG reported that the next meeting is 10 AM May 19 (3rd Thursday) at the County Annex. Some of the concerns facing the LEPC are: 

TARA: No report

Continuing Business:

Resolution submitted by Prescott Grey, seconded and PASSED: 

Approval of Fiscal Agents: Ray Calkins, President; Eric Albrecht, Vice President; Brad Smith, Secretary; James Lommen, Treasurer; James Boswell, Past President; and fiscal agent Penny Lommen, each having been duly designated at the May 11th, 2011 annual meeting of the Socorro Amateur Radio Association, were approved by the members in attendance at the annual meeting to have signature authority as provided for in the Association's Bylaws for the purpose of approving checks drawn on the account of the Socorro Amateur Radio Association. Outgoing Secretary Doug May and outgoing Past President Prescott Grey shall no longer have signature authority.

Input from the floor:

Prescott brought up the subject of our club's paying for books and testing for amateur radio students at the charter school. He noted that if students from the junior and senior high schools participated it could get expensive. He suggested our buying books that would be loaned to students while preparing for the tests, but retained for future students. Dave Finley suggested our paying only for testing if the student passes. "We should reward success," he added. The chair asked Jon Spargo and Prescott Grey to write a policy for presentation at the next meeting. Jim Lommen noted that future income might decrease. 

Jim Boswell reported that the Tailgate Sale in Albuquerque on April 30 went well. The weather was good. 

Skywarn Training Class Saturday May 14 announcements were handed out. The program presented by the National Weather Bureau will be from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at Zimmerly Elementary School, hosted by SARA. Preregistration is not necessary. 

Copies of the May 1, 2011 SARA Membership List, prepared by Dave Johnson, were distributed. It is also available at

Adjournment: 8:09 pm

Doug May KF5AVG


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