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Last updated: February 13, 2011

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - January 12, 2011 (approved 2/9/11)

Call to order: by Jim Boswell KA5SIW

20 Present – see attached sign-in sheet


The November 10, 2010 minutes were approved.


Revised October Treasurer's Report
SARA Account TARA Account

checkbook balance

10/31/2010 balance: $6,327.29 $320.08 $6,647.37
Debits: -2,535.40 - 2,535.40
Deposits: +80.00 +80.00
12/31/2010 balance: $3,871.89 $320.08 $4,191.97

Treasury: Penny presented Jim Lommen’s reports for Nov. & Dec. This is a summary:

SARA Account TARA Account checkbook balance
10/31/2010 balance

$ 3,871.89

$ 320.08

Debits: -536.31 -536.31
Deposits: +3,151.20 +3,151.20
12/31/2010 balance: $ 6,486.78 $ 320.08 $ 6806.86


Cost  Income  Net
$2,944.41  $3,131.20  $186.79
Requested lodgers funds


ARES: Vern Leavitt KD5UHB announced that those who are interested should come to the EOC on Saturday at 9 am to help connect the batteries to a new power transformer. 

LEPC: Doug May KF5AVG said the State Police Hazmat responders from T or C team will make a presentation at tomorrow's LEPC meeting.

Charter School: Jon Spargo reported that he has 5 students, 2 are preparing for general class and 3 are studying for the technician license. Don Wood has a transceiver to donate for the school. After the new building is complete there should be room for it. The school wants it. Jon said that in Deming they have one central location for instruction in amateur radio for all the schools. We need a target date for spring license exams. Jon will be out of the country April 14-29.

TARA: No report

Continuing Business:

  1. Dave Johnson KB5YIW said that 11.4% of the addresses we received from the FCC for our Ham Fest mailing were returned. 457 flyers came back, 331 were undeliverable or moved out of the area. 126 had forwarding address that we can use. This year we will edit the addresses we receive in the fall. The Chamber of Commerce requires that all using their postal stamp must have "address correction requested." We paid $896.50 for flyers that were returned. Last year it cost over $1,092 for postage. Dave suggested that we ask those who come to the Ham Fest if they would like to receive their notice by e-mail.
  2. Changes for the trailer and the EOC: Bear said Take ? out off the van, Glenn Mauger WB5OAF said it is broken. Glenn pointed out two disadvantages to using the ambulance rather that the trailer for our mobile unit: (1) few are authorized to drive the ambulance and (2) the engine in the ambulance has to run for heat or air conditioning.
  3. Vern Leavitt passed out keys to the new padlock on the trailer to Penny Lommen, Jim Boswell, Bear Albrecht, Doug May and Glenn Mauger.

New Business: 

  1. This year's Ham Fest date was set for the last weekend in October, Oct.28-29. 
  2. Flyers were handed out for the Tailgate Swapfest on Saturday, January 29 at 8600 Jefferson NE at Wilshire in Albuquerque, sunrise to 1:00 PM.

Input from the floor:

  1. Bear announced that he purchased a used tuffbook PC on the internet for $500. From time to time you can find them from $300 to $500.
  2. Jim Oty WB5GWH said the North American Sprint contest will be held on Sunday, February 6. (Jan. 19 on the ARES net Jim reported the contest date had been changed to Saturday, April 9.) Glenn said that those coming to the EOC should come through the gate and enter by the back door. Bear said the present security system only allows for about 30 code numbers, not enough for this size building.
  3. Bill Brundage NM5WB said that for the last 3 or 4 times we have experienced excessive interference for the NM ARES net on the first and third Sundays of the month on 75 meters. He and Al Braun AC5BX are trying to locate the source.
  4. Ray Calkins N0RBT sold his three dozen eggs. The proceeds went to the SARA club.

Adjournment: 8:26 pm

Doug May KF5AVG, Secretary 


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