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Last updated: November 11, 2010

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - October 13, 2010 (approved 11/10/10)

Call to order: 7:30 PM 

Presiding: James Boswell KA5SIW 

17 Present - see attached sign-in sheet

Moment of Silence for our GI's


Prescott introduced his cousin Herman Barnes who is visiting from North Carolina. 
Ralph Standefer N5PNG a long time member from San Antonio is in the process of reactivating his license and membership.

Several corrections were made to the Sept. 8, 2010 minutes, then were approved as amended


Treasury: Jim Lommen - Reported 

9/31/2010 opening balance: $6,647.37
9/27 Debits: -$80.00
9/24 Deposits: +$80.00
9/31 Checkbook balance: $6,647.37
9/31 TARA balance: $320.08
9/31 SARA balance: $6,327.29

ARES: Vern Leavitt reported that the 2-meter ARES net meets each Wednesday at 8:00 PM. We meet twice a month at the EOC for the New Mexico ARES, RACES HF net on first and third Sundays at 7:30 PM. (Vern was asked to find out how strong our signal is from stations around the state.) Vern urged those with the capability to join the net from home at 3939 kHz.

LEPC: Doug May reported that the September LEPC meeting addressed the problems arising from a prolonged power outage. Trouble areas are the unavailability of gasoline from city service stations and the inability to communicate to the general public without a local radio station. We are one of only two counties that do not have NOA weather radio. On October 8-9 the Red Cross conducted a class here in Mass Care and Emergency Shelter Operations. 

Charter School: Jon Spargo reported that 3 girls are studying for their tech license and 2 students, licensed last year as techs, are preparing for the general license. Jon bought 5 books for the students. He asked for reimbursement from the club. Members commended Jon for his work. Jon said that public school and home school children are welcome to be in his class held every Tuesday at 3:00 PM. Suzanne Barteau from the El Defensor Chieftain was at their last class. [The article appeared October 16, page A7.] The school club constructed two 2-meter ground plane antennas at the Charter School for the two licensed hams that now have 2 meter radios. Jon has asked the principle for space in the new building now under construction. 

Old Business

  1. Caps & shirts - Vern reported that they have been ordered. They will be available before the Hamfest.  
  2. National Wildlife Refuge Event - Jim Lommen reported that the article that appeared in the Oct. 13th El Defensor Chieftain, Ham operators to broadcast messages from Bosque del Apache was also sent to Albuquerque and T or C. The permit to operate from the Plaza at the Bosque del Apache has been approved for 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Friday & Saturday, Oct. 15 &16. Jim has a fact sheet with information about the Refuge and Ham Radio for those helping at the Refuge. Vern and Jim will be there all the time. Visitors can listen in at the window of the trailer. Jim will provide the log sheets. The consensus was that we should have QSL cards to promote the Refuge. N5B is the special call sign for the event. We will be operating on the 80, 40 & 20 meter bands, possibly on the 15-meter band.

Continuing Business

  1. Hamfest 
    1. Set-up schedule: 4:00 PM Friday, 7:00 AM Saturday 
    2. Banquet speaker: Jim Jackson, NRAO 
    3. Banquet: 6:00 PM 
    4. Tables: Jim Boswell, assisted by Prescott 
    5. Prescott received book certificates from ARRL for raffle prizes. 
    6. Dave Finley to request prizes from MFJ 
    7. Prizes: Jim Lommen has raffle prizes. Jim Boswell will get hams from WalMart and look for gift certificates from local businesses. 
    8. Miscellaneous: We need coffee. (Boswell will get coffee at WalMart when he gets the hams. Prescott ordered a case of coffee cups for $25. PRESCOTT WILL BRING THE DONUTS

Announcements and input from the floor: 

  1. Ray Calkins announced his new call sign: N0RBT 
  2. Ann suggested flyers and monthly newsletters be sent by e-mail. Dave Johnson said he would e-mail the newsletters to those who request it. He added that Hamfest flyers are available on our website 
  3. Dave Johnson announced that it is now possible to get a RSS feed from the website of the New Mexico Section of the ARRL by requesting it on their website. This allows one to receive a brief summary of items as soon as they are posted on the website.

Adjournment: 8:26 pm

Doug May, Secretary 


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