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Last updated: October 13, 2010

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - September 8, 2010 (approved 10/13/10)

Call to order: 7:30 PM 

Presiding: James Boswell KA5SIW 
    13 present

Moment of Silence for our GIís and those perished in the 9-11-2001 attack on the twin towers.

Introductions:  Cyrus Ahmadi-Moghadam  KF5GHM is a new ham, a Mechanical Engineering student at Tech, from Santa Fe

Approval of August 11, 2010 minutes - They were amended, noting that it was not rain water that soaked the transmitter in the EOC, but condensation from the air conditioner. They were approved as amended.


Treasury: Jim Lommen KC5QY - Reported by e-mail from California that he would e-mail the financial report when he returns to Socorro for inclusion in the minutes.

ARES: Vern Leavitt KD5UHB - The ARES 2-meter net continues to meet at 8:00 PM on Wednesdays. The ARES/ RACES net meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 7:30 PM. Bill Kauffman W5YEJ has replaced Rick Sohl K5RIC as ARES Section Manager, although Rick will continue as ARES/RACES net control. Vern surveyed our 18 ARES members. Ten members have the capability of staying on the air for 3 days in a power outage. 

LEPC: Doug May KF5AVG - The Sept. 9 meeting will discuss the effects of a 3-day power outage on the county, including communication difficulties. 

Charter School: Jon Spargo KC5NTW - not present 

TARA: Seth Price N3MRA - not present

President's report: Jim KA5SIW wrote a letter to Fred Hollis apologizing for not having some hams at the County Fair to man the communication trailer. He pointed out that at a previous meeting the members had decided not to participate in the County Fair event. (Prescott gave to the present officers copies of the Professional Services Agreement SARA has with Socorro County.)

Old Business

  1. Caps & Shirts Vern hasn't ordered, will send the existing order and give information Dave Johnson to put on our website so others can still order. 
  2. Duke City Hamfest: Glenn Mauger WB5OAF won the drawing for a 706 transceiver

Continuing Business

  1. Hamfest 

    A. Fox Hunt transmitter - Dave Johnson brought in the battery operated transmitter. 

    B. Banquet Speaker - Prescott said he will contact Judy Stanley to suggest some one to talk about the current Update on the VLA. 

    C. Banquet Caterer - Jim Boswell will ask Julie Green. 

    D. Flyers - Dave Johnson said he needs all the information by Sept. 26. Dave Finley will prepare the flyers that will be printed & folded on the 27th. Vern will check with the Chamber of Commerce to see if our membership is current so we can use their bulk mailing permit. Jim Boswell will get instructions from the Post Office on sorting the bulk mailings. Tuesday, Sept. 28 the flyers will be prepared for mailing at the Annex at 6:00 PM. 

    E. Set up tables at the Fire Academy - Jim Boswell will arrange for the tables. (Tables from Tech now rent for $5.00 each.) Vendors can set up after 3:00 PM on Friday and after 7:00 AM on Saturday. 

    F. Donuts - not to worry, Prescott will bring them

New Business

  1. Kalman said it would be good if more members became licensed Volunteer Examiners for those taking the amateur radio tests. The class is only 4 hours to qualify. We have 9 VEs in our club.


  1. Doug May announced that the Red Cross will have a training class Oct. 8-9 in the County Annex on Mass Care and Emergency Shelter Operations. A volunteer emergency shelter team is being organized in Socorro. 
  2. Sat. Sept. 11, 6:00 PM Remembrance of those who perished in the twin towers on 9-11-2001 on the Socorro Plaza

Input from the floor:

  1.  Prescott cannot continue as the SARA representative with Save our Bosque. Bear is the webmaster for them and will be our representative. Bear announced that there will be a cleanup at the confluence camp ground at 9:00 AM on Friday, Sept. 17. 
  2. A signup sheet was passed around for volunteers for the Refuge Radio Event at the Bosque del Apache on Friday & Saturday, October 15-16 between 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM.

Adjournment: 8:28 pm

Doug May, Secretary 


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