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Last updated: September 8, 2010

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - August 11, 2010 (approved 9/8/10)

Call to order: 7:30 PM 

Presiding: James Boswell KA5SIW 
    21 present

Moment of Silence for our GI's


  1. September 4 Alamogordo Ham Fest at the Otero County Fair Grounds

Approval of last meeting's minutes
    July 14, 2010 minutes were approved as posted on the webpage


Treasurer: Jim Lommen KC5QY 

July 1 balance  $ 6,874.68 
Debits: - 71.31
Deposits: + 80.00
July 31 balance: $ 6,883.37
TARA balance: $ 320.08
SARA balance: $6,563.29

ARES: Vern Leavitt KD5UHB 
       Condensation water in the EOC soaked the transmitting equipment. Prescott W1PCG dried out the equipment. It is working.

LEPC: Bear Albrecht W5VZB 
       Monthly meeting is tomorrow, election of officers

Charter School: no report

Old Business

  1. Chili Harvest Triathlon: Bill Brundage NM5WB (Base station) 2 volunteers for youth events on Friday: Prescott W1PCG and Doug KF5AVG 5 volunteers for Saturday: Dave Johnson KB5YIW, Dave Finley N1IRZ, Bear W5VZB, Doug KF5AVG on the bike route and Vern KD5UHB on the run. 
  2. Caps and Shirts: Vern KD5UHB handed out catalog pages so the members could select their own shirt style. All will be sand color. Shirt prices are $22 and $26 plus $3 for the embroidered emblem. Tan hats are $9 plus $3 for the embroidered emblem. 
  3. National Wildlife Refuge event: Jim Lommen KC7QY Friday and Saturday, October 15, 16 from 8 AM to 5 PM. Base station will be set up in the picnic area near the Visitors Center. 2 volunteers are needed at all times. Call sign is M5B. 
  4. Socorro Hamfest Saturday, October 30 We will use Prescott's schedule for setting up tables. Penny suggested the fellow who spoke about "Man vs. Cartoon" as the dinner speaker. Dave Johnson reported that flyers are mailed to every ham within 4 hours of Socorro, not all of northern NM. The City covers all expenses of the flyers. The City logo should be on all the flyers. NMT's printing and folding is better this year. The preliminary flyer needs to be finalized - a list workshops and information about the dinner. Dave Johnson will give Bear 50 flyers for the Socorro Ham fest to take to the Albuquerque Ham Fest on Friday, Aug. 13. The motioned passed to give the same prizes this year that we did at the past ham fests.

New Business

  1. Albuquerque Hamfest, Aug. 13-14 Del Norte Baptist Church, Montgomery NE, 
  2. Authorization for Jim Lommen to purchase a banner not to exceed $100 for club events, Moved by Vern seconded and passed. 
  3. The possibility of having a table at the County Fair September 3-4 was brought up. It was felt that there was little response at the fair in the past. 
  4. Seth Price will teach an amateur radio class at Tech this fall. He asked for help in setting up a station near the Fidel Center on Monday, Aug. 23 from 9 am to 3 pm to requite students. Jim Boswell volunteered


Photo Tour of the Black Hole in Los Alamos by Jim Boswell and a few pictures of the June 26 Field Day in Clayton, Missouri by Doug May

Adjournment: 8:32 pm

Doug May, Secretary 


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