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Last updated: March 10, 2010

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - March  10, 2010 (approved April 14, 2010)

Call to Order: Having arrived 15 seconds earlier, the meeting was called to order by President Prescott Grey at 7:30 PM.   25 souls were in attendance.  

Guest Speaker: Alfonso Garcia, WA5SWV Superintendent, Alamo Navajo Community School briefly addressed the meeting.  Garcia is in the process of establishing a memorial dedicated to the Navajo Code Talkers as a diorama/ddisplay in the Alamo school library.  Alfonso asked that if members have old military equipment that can be donated to the exhibit that they contact him.  Al Braun consented to making the Socorro Radio Shack a central drop off point for donations.  


Approval of the Minutes: It was moved (Lommen) and seconded (Leavitt) that the minutes of February 10, 2010 meeting should be approved. The motion passed.


Old Business:

New Business: 

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm.

David B. Johnson KB5YIW

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