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Last updated: May 31, 2009

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - April 8, 2009 (approved May 13, 2009)

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by president Prescott Grey at 7:30pm.  Nineteen members and two non-members were in attendance

Introductions: Doug May and Fred Hollis were introduced.  Of the members in attendance Agnes Halls was singled out for recognition.

Guest Speaker: Fred Hollis spoke about the status of the emergency plan.  There was discussion regarding the level of National Incident Management System (NIMS) training that would be required by SARA members to participate in emergencies.  The IS-800-level is not deemed to be necessary for many SARA functions.  IS-100, IS-200, and IS-700-level NIMS training is expected.  Radio operators are expected to volunteer with the county to be covered by insurance.  This coverage applies for all organized SARA activities for which participation is documented.  New county communications van will have communications equipment and a hitch that will permit towing of the ARES trailer. 


Approval of Minutes: Moved (Johnson) and seconded (Spargo) to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. Passed.

Treasurer's Report: (Brundage) SARA March balance is $5,982.02.  The TARA balance is $320.08. 

ARES Report: (Spargo)Nothing to add to Hollis’ report. 

LEPC Report: (Albrecht) Bear will present on LEPC to the Rotary club meeting next week.

Ad hoc Committee on Chamber of Commerce Membership: (Leavitt) Rotary club was approached re: SARA sign.  They request a proposal with design which will be considered for approval.  Post Office is requiring that users of the Chamber of Commerce Bulk permit be members of the Chamber.  We have avoided this in the past because mailings were paid for by the City and they are members of the Chamber.  After discussion, Albrecht moved to join Chamber of Commerce.  Johnson seconded.  Passed.

Old Business:

Public Service - Riverine Parks: Leavitt moved to clean up Confluence Riverine Park quarterly.  Johnson seconded.  Passed.

Hamfest: Bear announced that he had made a provisional reservation of the EOC for the annual ARES meeting held in conjunction with the October SARA/TARA Hamfest. Sentiment that this would diminish attendance at the hamfest.  No final decision made at this time.  

Tour of Socorro: Johnson thanked those who had volunteered to help.  We now have enough to cover the communications for both April 18 & 19.   Assignments will go out this week along with detailed location information, directions, waivers, etc.  

New Business 

Slate of Officers: Prescott Grey will be a candidate for President, Jim Boswell has agreed to run for vice president, Vern Leavitt as Past President and Dave Johnson as Secretary. Bill Brundage has declined to serve another term as Treasurer. Penny Lommen indicated that she would do the work if Jim Lommen accepted the nomination. Comments from several members indicated that one need not be a licensed amateur to serve as an officer. Based on these comments, Penny Lommen was nominated as treasurer. This slate will be published in the May SARA News. Nominations will be open for all positions at the annual meeting in May.

Field Day:  Discussion centered on using the EOC as the field day site.  Moved and seconded.  Passed

Good of the Organization: None

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:47 pm.

David B. Johnson KB5YIW

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