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Last updated: March 17, 2009

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - February 11, 2009 (approved March 11, 2009)

Call to order: 7:27 pm by Prescott Grey, President

Introductions: Karen from California a (guest) was introduced by Paula.

Guest Speaker: Al Braun delivered an introduction to PSK31

Announcements: None

Minutes: Moved (Johnson) and seconded (Al Braun) to approve the minutes as set. Passed

Treasurer's Report: (Brundage) As of January 31st, the SARA portion of the balance in the treasury was $5,963.82.  The TARA balance remained at $320.08.   

ARES Report: (Spargo) We now have 9 ARES registrations. These have been sent off to Bill Kaufmann. Members were encouraged to download, complete and submit ARES forms. Available from ARRL and from the SARA web site.

LEPC Report: None

Old Business:

New Business:

Good of the Organization:

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 pm

David B. Johnson KB5YIW

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