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Last updated: May 10, 2007

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - April 11, 2007 (approved May 9, 2007)

Call to Order:  Meeting was held in the County Annex Building, 198 Neel Avenue, in Socorro, and called to order at 7:31 PM by President Vern Leavitt.

Welcome to new member Erwin Haynes, KI4TBD.


Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the March meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurerís report: Treasurer's report for the month through today: Beginning balance was $3652.66, minus one check to Dave Johnson for the newsletter, $9.36, and plus two $15.00 checks for dues. The ending balance is $3673.30 of which $280.08 is earmarked for TARA; SARA's own balance is $3393.22.

Reports and related discussions:

Old business:  

New Business:

Adjournment: was at 8:27 PM

 Eric Bear Albrecht W5VZB

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