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Last updated: April 14, 2007

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - March 14, 2007 (approved April 11, 2007)

Call to Order:  Meeting was held in the County Annex Building , 198 Neel Avenue , in Socorro, and called to order at 7:30 PM by President Vern Leavitt.


 Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the February meeting were accepted, while noting that they had the VE session as tentatively being on March 31.  Welcome to guests Lis Spargo, Jon’s sister, and her husband JR, and our speaker Bob Balch.

Treasurer’s report: No checking account action at the bank, one check out to Dave Johnson for $37.54.  Balance is $3652.66 of which $280.08 is earmarked for TARA ; SARA’s own balance is $3372.58.

Memberships expiring:  Steve Grossman, Agnes, Glenn Mauger, and Dave Romero.

The program for the meeting was on the magma body underlying the Socorro area.

There was a note read from Keith Hayes regarding the fire danger season.

Old business:  

ARES/LEPC report

Jim Oty reported on the latest with Bob Sparks’s 70cm repeater, which Bob wants to sell – Jim has the specs and raised the question as to whether it is worth $600.  Glenn Mauger volunteered to check that out.

Kalman Oravecz noted that using a /R suffix in a repeater ID is not really in harmony with standard international usage; it could be taken to mean portable operation in Russia .  Just a standalone R is to be preferred.

The Hamfest will be October 27, decided by acclamation.

Elections are coming up and the nominating committee expects to convene at the weekly coffee meeting at McDonald’s on Saturday morning, the 24th.

Dave Finley introduced a motion to grant life membership to Agnes, which passed.

Dave Finley also brought up the fact that the ARRL has club contests, aggregating individual scores from various contests.

Ed Wood noted that there was a recent plane crash north of Mora, and that the plane was found by hams and that all the search action was on the Megalink system.

Adjournment: Adjournment time was not recorded.

Eric Bear Albrecht W5VZB

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