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Last updated: November 16, 2006

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - October 11, 2006 (approved November 8, 2006)

Call to Order:  The meeting was held in the clubhouse on the premises of the Socorro Electric Cooperative and called to order by President Vern Leavitt at 7:30 PM. A quorum was present. (11 members)

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the previous regular meeting were approved as posted.  Special emergency meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership were held on September 27 for the purpose of amending the articles of incorporation to satisfy the IRS 501(c)(3) requirements; the minutes of this meeting were also approved.

Treasurerís report: The treasurer's report showed the current bank balance to be $2267.23, of which $280.08 is earmarked for TARA, leaving $1987.15 SARA funds.

Reports and Old Business


Report on Incorporation:  501(c)(3) report: The State approved our amended Articles, and the materials are being express mailed to the IRS in Cincinnati; their deadline is Friday the 13th. We had to pay Tom Fitch $500 for his work in getting this ready, on short notice. Bill Brundage noted that this whole process was started in 1998, and we have spent somewhere between $1600 and $1700

We received a letter of thanks for our help with the Chile Harvest Triathlon.

Adjournment: There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM.

Submitted by Eric Bear Albrecht, W5VZB, Secretary

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