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Last updated: February 9, 2006

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA MEETING MINUTES - January 11, 2006 (approved 2/8/06)

Call to Order:  Meeting was held in the SEC Board Room, and called to order by President Ed Wood at 7:30 PM.

Ed Wood reported on the ongoing difficulties with the clubhouse - the boardroom lock has been changed, and our room was left unlocked, although SEC had agreed that in having a key to it, they would leave it locked ... and SEC wants us out of there.

Jon Spargo reported on the county's progress in acquiring the old BLM building, which is owned by Corky Herkenhoff. Space for the trailer would be provided in back, along with the LEPC office and EOC. This is all contingent on funding from the state legislature. Concensus was that Jon should pursue this.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes accepted as posted.

Treasurerís Report

  1. There is $4025.97 in checking, $280 of it is TARA's. 
  2. Hamfest final: $116.12 profit. Next year we might ask the city for a larger subsidy for mailing out the announcements, probably $300 to $500 more.
  3. Getting the club legal -- the 8-month waiting period is over so we can submit to the IRS for the 501c3. Need a description of what our club does; question will be referred to Dave Finley.

ARES Report from Jon Spargo

Still sending in reports, and still needs somebody to take over. LEPC Communication Committee's plan annex is in good shape. Weather radio etc: HSD money to the county this year is around $200,000, largely to refurbish communications infrastructure, e.g. 911 center, etc. The weather radio is on hold for now. There are applications in for CEDAP grants, such as an Incident Commander's radio system, an interconnect system, and ArcGIS software

Weather Radio System

proposed an interim arrangement, providing a scanner for the 911 center, along with an antenna, perhaps a 5-element Yagi, tuned either to 162.40 (Albuquerque) or 162.55 (Ruidoso). Moved by Bear and seconded by Brundage to do it. Motion passed.

There was a meeting December 8 with the Mayor and County Manager, and Mr. Bill Harris representing the state. about putting together a 911 center. The state has set a deadline of May 2006 for the city and county to have their joint powers agreement in place.

ARES and the Trailer

Glenn has worked on the callout list. We need better GPS readings for members' home stations; much of what we have seems to be the location of the post office.

Trailer has three banks of batteries - two banks consist of five 17 ampere-hour units, and the third group is three 40 ampere-hour. All are wired up to the RigRunner power strips.

Tower mountings (or other antenna support arrangements) are being engineered. Vern is working on putting in a sliding window on the port side for message passing.

Jon pointed out the need for a small weather station on the trailer, with at least good wind speed and direction.

New Business:  

Bill Brundage reported that the sole survivor from the West Virginia mine disaster, Randall McCloy Jr., is a ham, KC8VKZ. Suggests sending QSLs, to PO Box 223, Philippi, WV 26435.

Ed: discussion about the web site, its location, and the costs; Ryan will check out and bring a proposal next meeting.

Ed proposed that Dave Romero's dues be brought up to date as an honorarium for work done.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:39.

Submitted by Eric Bear Albrecht, W5VZB, Secretary

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