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Last updated: August 10, 2005

Minutes of the SARA Meeting


Call to Order: Meeting was held in the Socorro Electric Coop Board Room; called to order by Vice President Glenn Mauger at 7:36 PM. 

Approval of Minutes: Minutes approved as sent by email.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer's report: $3911.36 in bank account. Incorporation marches on, started on 501 (c) (3) paperwork:

Dave Johnson moved, and Bill Brundage seconded, to authorize payment of the above. Passed, with no nays.

Old Business:

NM Tech does not need SARA to store batteries taken from Socorro Peak.

Field Day 

August 13 is the Socorro Chile Triathlon, need four volunteers total, including Bill Brundage and Howard Peavey Times: gather at 7:15AM,
event starts at 7:30 with swim, biking begins about 7:45 and runs until about 10:30.

Trinity Site will be open this weekend, Sandia National Labs ARC will be running a special event station. SSB 14.330, 21.330, CW 14.060, 7.040. Use N5ZGT's mail address for certificates.

Regarding solar panels to go on M Mountain: Dave Johnson: locating panels off the side of the hill out of the wind. Materials needed include battery, angle iron, and 50 to 75 ft of PVC conbduit and Romex or UF cable. Cost estimate: $175. Motion to authorize $175 carried.

Hamfest: Sat Oct 29. Flyers can be handed out at Albuquerque hamfest. We need to get the info to ARRL for listing and sanction.
Kalman authorized to register the VE session with ARRL; Officers of the club need to get ARRL sanction for the hamfest itself.  Needs new web address this time (last year's listing had a deprecated address)..

There was discussion about antenna mounting on the trailer.

New Business:


Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:13

Submitted by Eric Bear Albrecht, W5VZB, Secretary

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