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Last updated: May 17, 2005

Minutes of the SARA Meeting


Call to Order: 7:33 pm by Ed Wood KD5MFS

Introduction of Guests:  None present

Special Announcements:  N/A

Report of the Secretary: Approved as posted on the web.

Report of the Treasurer: by Ryan Snyder KC5WDT; who also requested some deletions to the roster of delinquent members.

Reports of Committees:

Getting the Club Legal - Ryan Snyder KC5WDT, we are Incorporated, not 501C3 yet.

ARES/LEPC - Jon Spargo KC5NTW is begging for someone to take over ARES, Ed Wood KD5MFS said he would do it in the interim until a volunteer is found.

Wx Radio  - Jon has requested funds from NM DPS for $78,500 in funding from Homeland Security.  They will not pay for buildings or antennas.

NIMS Class May 26, 7pm, Fire Academy - Gov. Richardson issued an executive order that all emergency response personnel must use NIMS.  Notify Ed Wood by the end of this week if you are planning to attend.

Other Stuff - National Weather station is offering to host a Severe Storm Class, possible the first or second week of June?

Communications Trailer - Glenn Mauger WB5OAF reported that additional damage was found, increasing cost, the modified estimate was sent to the County, and the work is in progress.

Clubhouse Antennas - Bill Brundage K8HUH advised there is a 30' tower and rotator donated to the club, but needs a controller.

Election Committee - all but one incumbent agreed to continue in their positions, need a new secretary.


County Fair Special Events Station - Any new thoughts?? - depends on trailer.

A-Bomb Anniversary - Saturday July 16.  Dave Finley N1IRZ has preliminary approval; will use HF only.  Club members will convoy in with staff.  Discussed need for QSL cards with one-time only style.

Fire Academy Fire School Anniversary & Parade - Ed Wood KD5MFS advised additional information not available yet

Field Day - is on the City Calendar

Riders & Striders - sent Thank You letters to club members.


Election of Officers - Bear Albrecht W5VZB, failing to decline the nomination from the floor, was elected Secretary anyway.

Good of the Organization - N/A

Adjournment:  2015 by Ed Wood KD5MFS

Submitted by Vern Leavitt KD5UHB, past secretary

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