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Last updated: September 21, 2004

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA Meeting Minutes for: August 11, 2004

Call to Order: by Ed Wood KD5MFS at 1933 hours (7:33 pm)

Introduction of Guests: Vern Leavitt KD5UHB introduced Frank Kurtnaker, who has just recently relocated from Southern California.

Special Announcements: Dave Finley N1IRZ announced that Kalman Oravecz AJ5B had obtained his US Citizenship.  Sandy Braun KB5YIX is having some surgery and may need some assistance while recuperating.

Report of the Secretary:  minutes approved asVern Leavitt, KD5UHB emailed, approved.  Dave Johnson KB5YIW is posting them on the Web.

Reprt of the Treasurer:  Ryan Snyder KC5WDT advised that the City was returning $50, and expenses relating to HamFest coming up.  SARA will pay for costs of renovating the trailer; Jon Spargo KC5NTW is going to attempt to recover costs from the county. Approved motion to reimburse Vern Leavitt KD5UHB to replace the locking mechanism and repair the door.

Reports of Committees:

Public Relations- Dave Finley N1IRZ.

News Articles- Information on the trailer is on the ARRL site; a copy of the photo was sent to QST, and information for statewide distribution.

ARES:  Jon Spargo KC5NTW  said Sandy Braun KB5YIX may be off net control periodically and will need assistance.  The coordinates for the new repeater on Socorro Peak have been given to Bill Kaufmann.  Discussed possible causes of interference on mountain.  LEPC offices are now located in the old District Attorney's building.

Trailer - Glenn Mauger WB5OAF is repacking the wheel bearings; the brakes are OK. The A/C is also a heater. SEC has provided an electrical outlet on the pole by the trailer.  Inside renovation and equipment was discussed.  Need floor plan sketch.    Bob Kaufmann promised to try to provide 2 ICOM radios, power supply, cable and antennas?  Bill Brundage K8HUH said copies of licenses are ready to post in the trailer after renovation.  Membership advised as to location of door key to trailer. A generator was donated by Socorro Fire Dept, and Chief Bob Brunson is to take care of transferring title to the county.                       

Re-working the Mountain - Dave Johnson KB5YIW advised we lost the autopatch to lightning, there is no dial tone.

System(s) Moves - Dave Johnson KB5YIW says the surge suppressor on the repeater works. They will use the mast at his garage for the triathlon.  Location on tower has been determined, but not the location of the solar power unit yet.


Triathlon - All volunteers please meet Bill Brundage K8HUH on Saturday between 7:00 & 7:15 am at Parkview School parking lot.  The Friday evening meeting at 6:00 pm is optional.

Ham Fest:

October 30, 2004 - NMFTA - 8:00am to 3:00pm (0800 to 1500 hours)
Vendor Notification
- Set up Friday 5:00pm to 8:00 pm, and on Saturday 7:00am to 8:00am.
Table Charge - $10.00 .
Tailgate Charge - $10.00.
Dinner - Friday October 29, at 7:00 pm, various locations discussed. .
VLA tour - Ok for Friday at 1:00 pm .
Star Tour - ??  Spargo KC5NTW will check the moon calendar to see if it is feasable. .
Door Prizes - Hams from Sam's Club .
Raffle Prizes - Grand Prize to be on flyer, possibly a 706?  Ryan KC5WDT to obtain from HRO's at a maximum cost of $1,000..
Flyers needed for Albuquerque Ham Fest.  Ed Wood KD5MFS will coordinate vendors. .
Tables & Chairs, Coffee & Donuts - Ryan Snyder KC5WDT will check.  Krispy Kremes are available at Roadrunner Truck Stop..
Talk In - Glenn Mauger WB5OAF in charge .
Mailouts - need to request electronic mailing list or labels.  Wood may be able to access a folding machine..
Printing - Dave Finley N1IRZ has the file, may cost $50 per Ryan KC5WDT .
Postage - Check City, the Chamber of Commerce no longer does tourism, the City is going to have a city employee Tourism Director.  Previous mailing was not bulk mailed, but Presort First Class. .
No Camping at the Academy - outside the fence is OK. .
Map to Academy - pending .
Times: Setup & Show - Arrivals will be screened at gate, anyone requesting entrance prior to 8:00 am must purchase table.

Presenter Possibilities -.

Echo Link - not available.
Sky Warn - Dave Finley N1IRZ to check .
ARES - Finley N1IRZ advises it's set .
Antennas - Finley N1IRZ will check with Duffy in Albuquerque .
Fox Hunt Receivers - Dave Johnson KB5YIW will check with previous winners .
APRS - Paul Choc not available, possibly Jim Barrymore?

VE session - Kalman Oravecz AJ5B in charge.  Glenn Mauger advised that the paperwork for sanction has been sent.  .
Registration - at Main Table between 11:00 & 11:55 in main table.  .
Cost - $12.00 .
Test time - Noon to ???  The test will be in the same room as last year. .
Silent Auction - suggested by Bill Brundage K8HUH for old and donated equipment.  Collector's items and vintage equipment should have minimum bid, or sell on EBAY.

New Business:

Bill Brundage K8HUH advised that access is available to the clubhouse; the renter is there until August 31.

Good of the Organization:

Dave Finley N1IRZ orchestrated the celebration of Kalman's AJ5B naturalization.  Cake was served.

Adjournment at 2052 hours,  (8:52 pm) by acclaim.

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