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Last updated: July 21, 2004

Minutes of the SARA Meeting

SARA Meeting Minutes for: June 9, 2004

Call to Order: by Ed Wood KD5MFS at 1934 hours


Introduction of Guests: Hubert Quintana is the new Director, NM Firefighters Training Academy, but was unable to make the meeting. He has assured SARA of the use of the facility for Hamfest, and is very pro-community.

Report of the Secretary: minutes approved as emailed and sent by Bear Albrecht W5VZB.

Report of the Treasurer: approved as read by Ryan Snyder KC5WDT.

Reports of Committees:

Public Relations- Dave Finley N1IRZ was unable to attend this meeting.

Getting the Club Legal - Ryan Snyder KC5WDT said that we must be incorporated to qualify as a 501C3, and the documentation is currently being reviewed. Ryan needs to change to list existing officers, then it will be submitted to Santa Fe, and does not expect any problems.


Trailer - Jon Spargo KC5NTW said the trailer will be stored behind the clubhouse. The title has been given to the county to obtain license plate. A draft of the press release has been completed and submitted to County Manager Jody McSmith, hopefully the official presentation will be able to be done in about 2 weeks.

The trailer is being cleaned, and may or may not get painted.

Radios - Jon has been sending a monthly report to EOC and there is a possibility of obtaining equipment from the State of New Mexico to put in the trailer.

Mobile Repeater Frequencies - Bill Brundage K8HUH has mailed the application to Bill Kaufman three weeks ago with a SASE, but it has not been received back yet.

Re-working the Mountain - Dave Johnson KB5YIW advised he will be on vacation from June 14 to July 1. Glenn Mauger WB5OAF was unable to attend this meeting for medical reasons.

System(s) Moves - Dave Johnson KB5YIW said that Bob Tacker may want an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

Mega Link System - Call Sign NM5ML. Dave & Glenn discovered much interference and installed an inline notch filter. Jon has caught a harmonic on it which also interferes with the RailRoad frequency.

Apparently it is the hospital pager system which also is affecting VHF.

Old Business:

Membership List - now on Web page

Field Day - Will be at the South Shelter of Clarke Field from Noon Saturday June 26 to Noon Sunday June 27. The Relay for Life will have the field and track from Friday till Saturday noon. There will be one group at Datil Wells. Kalman cannot be at Clarke Field overnight to take responsibility for the equipment, so Vern Leavitt KD5UHB & Ryan will be there at night. Jon is in charge of food, approved to spend up to $100 for provisions. Vern or Glenn will bring the grill. Publicity is needed.

Ham Fest:

October 30, 2004 - NMFTA - 8:00am to 3:00pm (0800 to 1500 hours)

Vendor Notification - Set up Friday 5:00pm to 8:00 pm, and on Saturday 7:00am to 8:00am. Radcom has confirmed attendance.

Mail-outs - OK

Presenter Possibilities - Mega-Link (Paul Choc), Sky Warn (Keith Hayes @ National Weather Service), ARES (Don Scott), possible class on building Antennas (???), Fox Hunt Receivers (Paul Rhodes), Postiion Locaters APRS (???).

State Convention - Dave Finley N1IRZ to check, and also the State ARES meeting.

New Business:

Website Advertisements - Dave Johnson KB5YIW received a contact from a vendor requesting a website link on our site to his, in exchange for putting a link on his to ours. He makes wooden call signs. Discussion followed with consensus of opinion favoring allowing only those who were actually going to attend the Ham Fest. Decision tabled pending Johnson's review.

Newsletter - Bear Albrecht W5VZB regrets that he is unable to continue doing the Newsletter due to other time commitments. Discussion regarding email of minutes separate from newsletter, a paper newsletter, and posting it on the website. Vern, Glenn, and Ryan will be researching this issue.

Good of the Organization:

Ryan suggested we register our own domain name to host a web page and post the newsletter. He has volunteered to do this since he has equipment and knowledge to accomplish this, and is going to research the possibility. It will have an .org filename extension.

A Formal Letter of Request has been received from Socorro Striders & Riders for Saturday, August 14 for

4 positions to be manned by radio operator(s) to support the Triathlon.

An email was received from Nigel Blamey AC5TS regarding ARRL-VHF contest this weekend, requesting contacts, no repeater.

Adjournment at 8:25pm (2025 hours) by unanimous consensus. Everyone then trooped outside to view the prospective location for the storage of the new trailer!!!

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