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Last updated: September 7, 2008


W5AQA Repeaters. These photos were taken on Saturday, August 28, 2004.  


040828_0021.JPG (184314 bytes)

Socorro Peak looking south from West Peak

040828_0016.JPG (168093 bytes)

Socorro Peak looking east from MMTN APRS site

040818_0003.JPG (103333 bytes)

Building and tower for 146.68 repeater

070715_2.JPG (137799 bytes)

146.68 repeater and cavities

040828_0012.JPG (158773 bytes)

146.68 repeater

070715_1.JPG (166292 bytes)

146.68 repeater antenna (front leftmost)

040828_0017.JPG (160452 bytes)

MMTN APRS  building and antennas

040828_0018.JPG (185117 bytes)

MMTN APRS  (lower left)

040828_0020.JPG (153820 bytes)

MMTN APRS  building and antennas

040828_0015.JPG (162210 bytes)

West Peak viewed from Socorro Peak



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