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Last updated: October 18, 2017

SARA Payments Portal

Membership: New and Renewals

Members may be either Individual Members or Family Members. Family members residing at the same address, including nonresident students who maintain legal residence at that address, qualify for Family Membership, but each individual who is to be considered a Family Member must be specified upon joining or renewal. New and renewing members are asked to complete and submit the SARA Membership Form. This form may be completed online, saved, attached to an email and sent to

Individual Membership ($10.00/year)

Family Membership ($15.00/year)


The Socorrio Amateur Radio Association (SARA) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to amateur radio in New Mexico and the nation. Today members of the association chase DX, challenge conditions with qrp rigs, experiment with various digital modes, serve the community with their communications skills, provide leadership for county emergency planning and services as well as a host of other activities. Socorro County ARES is one of the most active groups of its kind in the state. Field day stations are operated by SARA each year and each Fall SARA co-hosts the SARA/TARA Hamfest which attracts amateur radio enthusiasts from around the region.